Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

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The Cowgirl's thoughtful design redefines the riding style sex machine. This premium product embodies empowered sexuality, decadent self-pleasure and perfect amount of kink.

  • Precision engineering for over 1200 rpm of ULTRA POWERFUL vibration.
  • Handcrafted saddle-style seat with comfort padding.
  • Accommodates bodies up to 400 lbs / 181kg.
  • Global Adapter: Safe for Global Use
  • Corded LED remote control
  • Sex-Tech Enhanced Long-Distance Play
  • Rawhide Silicone Attachment
  • Wild West Silicone Attachment


  1. Sex Machine
    1. Handcrafted Saddle Seat
    2. Contact Piece
    3. Durable Handles
    4. AC/DC Switching Adapter Input
    5. Corded Remote Control Input
    6. Slip Resistant Silicone Base
  2. AC/DC Switching Adapter
  3. Detachable Power Cord (North America, UK, EU & Australia cords included)
  4. Corded Remote Control
  5. Rawhide Silicone Attachment
  6. Wild West Silicone Attachment
  7. Instruction Manual
  8. Spring & Plastic Stems (x6 each)
Machine Materials:

FRAME:Steel, Aluminium and Plastic Side Cover

COVER: 100% PU cover with 100% Silicone bumper

BASE: 100% Plastic

Attachment Materials: 100% Silicone
Spring Stem Material: 100% Steel
Plastic Stem Materials: 100% Plastic
Dimensions: 16.7” L x 13.4” W x 10.9” H 42.5 cm L x 34 cm W x 27.7 cm H

Machine Only: 24.5 lbs / 11.1 kg

With Accessories: 28.4 lbs / 12.9 kg

Recommended Use Time: 15 minutes
Max Noise Level:

From 0.4” / 1 cm: 108 dB

From 10” in / 25 cm: 98 dB

Interface: 3 button control
Operation Frequency Range: 2.402 ~ 2.480 GHz
Power Supply: DC 24V
Product Software Version: V20161229
Product Hardware Version: V1.5-161206
iOS App Version: 10.2 or higher
Android App Version: 6.0 or higher

Battery Information: AC/DC

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